St Mary's Primary School

Class Pages Archive 2017/2018

Anti Bullying Week our balloon launch

Problem solving can be fun when santa's sleigh is involved. Our sleigh has to fit on the landing pad. We can use lots of measure language to help us to make decisions.

Genevieve the healthy goat was helping us to learn about a healthy lifestyle.

Our Architects and builders are laying good foundations in the infant class !

Great design skills in P2

A wonderful couple of weeks in October.  P6 and P7 have been classifying trees in Rowallane and also the spooky activities raised over £855.  Well done to all.  We have added a selection of photographs below.


Off we go on our Spooky Sponsored Walk !!!

We had lots of ideas for testing the strength of the wind during our P3 Weather project.

P1 Putting numbers in order to 10 for Maths week !

P2 counting in 2's for Maths week.

P3 How many sets of 3 can we make for Maths week?

P1s are discovering how to sort 8

P2 counting in 2s in Autumn

Our New House Teams for 2017/18


Come and meet the new house teams for this academic year.  We are very proud of all our children. We will be retaking the photos as the sun hampered the effort. We wanted to share these first drafts with you.  The children are very motivated to earn house points for their teams!








Summer Reading Award Winners 2017

Weekly Principal Award Winners.

All our planning has paid off .We are ready to show what we can do.

'Front of house' waiting patiently for their customers to arrive.

Team work is the answer when you are having a busy afternoon.

Greeting our customers.

Action stations! All set for our Smoothie Sale.

The Infant class are keeping healthy while having fun!

The Farmers are harvesting at this time of year.

The Foundation class have had a busy week in our hospital.

PDMU  (14th September 2017)

In the infant class we can chat to our friends about how we feel.



P3 are working collaboratively to sort data!




P1 maths detectives can investigate number order.




P2 developing future super star skills.




The P1s P2s and P3s Know How to Grow!

(1st September 2017)


The Infant class really enjoyed the harvest day in school.  We can't wait until Ms Haughey gets her recipe book out and makes us some home made vegetable soup!!!

Look at all the yummy vegetables we grew. 

We learnt a lot about gardening today and enjoyed getting mucky!!!


This week, 13-17 November we have been using coding. Our sprites can score goals, talk and change colour .Action Cancer told us about healthy, natural  foods.  We designed baubles for the Saintfield Christmas tree and we helped John to plant native trees. Best Week Ever




Our Fancy Dress Prize WinnersWe are using hot seating to learn the properties of 2D shapes. We know that a parallelogram has no lines of symmetry. Hot seating makes learning fun.


This week 6-10 November  Don from Fire and Rescue Services taught us how to keep safe. We tried on all of the gear and we know how to prevent house fires.

Our Halloween Sponsored Walk raised over £800 for our new Numeracy Resource Boxes.











Our  Maths Week 16-20 October.

 We applied all our measuring skills during our Rowallane Seasonal Walk.


All of the children and not all of the staff  are looking forward to Halloween.













We are using Hot Seating to learn about homophones





This week, 9-13 October, we are working on Autumn poetry and Art.





















We are using our Grow in Love online resources. Our favourite song is "Jesus is my Friend".





















This week, 2 to 6 October,  we worked with John to fill the planters in our new Outdoor Play area. The bulbs which we planted will appear in Spring.













We are gardeners at lunchtimes too. We care about our school environment.











We celebrated European languages day by counting in 3 languages and refreshing our knowledge of flags during our Global Learning lessons.










We have worked with our partners to research and display Viking facts.














We are learning that we are followers of Jesus using our new Grow in Love programme. We have made all of the apostles this week.










21 September, 2017 Primary 4 are enjoying our RISE programme


Our World Around Us topic is Vikings. We are researching information on all aspects of Viking life, producing excellent powerpoints and making longboats and longhouses. 


Primary 4 and 5 visited Saintfield Library on Friday 15 September. We worked together to find our favourite authors.





 We are finishing our Summer recount writing. 14 September, 2017.



Primary four and five celebrated Roald Dahl Day in style


Friday 8th September 2017 in P4 and 5

Miss McDaniel is seeking new fife and flute players. She gave Primary four and five a demonstration of fife and flute music.


Primary Four and five are learning about Kg and g using our garden vegetables. 8 Sept 2017





Primary 4 and 5 have new class pets.




Father McHugh prayed with us as we begin our new school year.

Junior Class Introduction to Place Value (4 Sept 2017)


Junior Class P4 and P5 Get Gardening!

(1st September 2017

We were looking for the frog family that has taken up residency in our pond.  We didn't catch anything but wait until you see the size of the one that got away!


We have grown giant vegetables in St. Mary's.  Hope the BFG is paying attention to our gardening skills and tips!.


Antrim Garden Show Prize Day Friday 24 Novmeber

P6 and P7 have fun with fractions  

(29th September 2017)






P6 and P7 enjoy Learning about Fractions....the yummy way.  

(23rd September 2017)





P6 and P7 enjoy working on their Autumn Paintings.

(21st September 2017)






P6 and P7 enjoy the Live link with the BBC on R.Dalh day. 

(13th September 2017)


P6 and P7 enjoy the beginning of their GAA coaching skills! 

(13th September 2017)


All the results are in! (1st September 2017)

The Senior Class had great fun today. A group of roses among the sunflowers!  They might be P7 but they still have a bit more growing to do to reach the top of the sunflowers.  The P6 class also had a great time.  They really worked hard at harvesting all the vegetables and making sure the pond area was free from dead leaves.  The sunflower class competition was won by the P5 group.  They managed to grow their sunflower up to 2.46 metres (nearly as tall as Miss Downey)  2nd was P7 with 2.43m. 3rd was P4 with 2.29m.  4th was P3 with 2.26m.  5th was P2 with 2.5m.  6th place went to P6 with 2.15m.   The children were so pleased. 


The results for the class potato growing completion are also in.  This proved to be rather controversial.  John assured me that the P7s came up with some very creative counting but at the end of the day there was a clear winner.  P4 won with 18 potatoes.  P3 came 2nd with 16 potatoes.  P2/6 came joint third with 14 potatoes.  P5/6 came joint fifth with 11 potatoes.  We have to congratulate Mrs Reid's class on a job well done.  They claimed both gardening prizes and we will arrange a small class treat for them next week.  Thank you John for a wonderful Day.  All the parents got a chance to take some of our harvest home too.  We hope you enjoyed them.