St Mary's Primary School

Statement from Board of Governors June 2019

Statement from the Board of Governors


The Principal and Board of Governors of St Mary’s would like to thank parents who have expressed their support for the school in the past few days, and to underline our appreciation of staff who continue to deliver a first class education to our pupils.  Governors will be pressing CCMS for a satisfactory outcome which safeguards the excellent teaching and support available to your children.  We would draw your attention to the attached press release which has been issued by the Board of Governors, and would ask you to consider the way that the press and others who comment on these matters often sensationalise the story, and do not necessarily have all the facts at their disposal.  Governors will keep parents informed of all key developments through correspondence or through social media and we would ask you to regard these as the best source of information rather than rely on other sources.


Please see Press Release Below:

Statement by the Board of Governors, St Mary’s Primary School, Saintfield.


The Board of Governors of St Mary’s Primary School, Saintfield, is committed to working with the Education Authority and CCMS and with parents and staff in the school to identify how to best sustain provision in the school in the light of the publication today of the Education Authority Annual Area Plan.  


Chair of Governors Garry Hanna said “St Mary’s is a vibrant, academically successful school with close links with the local community. Only last month the school organised the “Kid Zone” at the Saintfield Festival to mark the opening of the new Saintfield Community Centre.  Governors are working closely with CCMS to ensure the best outcome for our current and future pupils.”


School Principal, Catherine Ann Downey said “At St Mary’s we achieve the highest academic standards for pupils at all levels. We nurture in each and every child an active lifelong love of learning, producing well-rounded and caring members of the community.  This April, pupils were commended by Trócaire for fund-raising over £560 and were rewarded with Trocaire’s fund raising medal, which is usually reserved for secondary school pupils.    Additionally, in June this year 94% of our children received their first choice of secondary school, well above the 86.75% average for Northern Ireland.