St Mary's Primary School

Snapshots of School Life

Safeguarding message Speak Out Stay Safe. Mr Rogers our Safeguarding Governors and Carmel, NSPCC visit to reinforce this message. Barney came too.
This week the Primary 4 and 5 class are presenting powerpoints om Animals. We are also learning coding using Scratch and Black Cat Logo.
We had a Balloon Launch for Anti Bullying Day. Let us know if you find the anti bullying messages we wrote inside the balloons.
We prepared for Halloween with exciting art and craft.

We are preparing for Halloween.

We have written a diary for every day of our week. We know how to edit our work to improve it.
We are producing an amazing calendar to celebrate our work on Saintfield Our Town and its History
We have a Cinema Club winner.
Primary 4 and 5 used computers to research in Saintfield library. Thanks to the library staff for our great visits during September and October. We learned so much.
Two wonderful performances Pirate Adventure and Princess Mimi performed by Primary 4 and 5.
Amazing Art led by Ms Forsythe

Art Class led by Ms Forsythe was really amazing and so much fun. Cookery next week!!!!!

We planted beautiful flowers to make our school welcoming and bright through Autumn and Winter. We measured the compost needed and added gravel for drainage. We placed the sunflowers heads on the fence so blackbirds can eat the seeds.

For My People My Place topic we drew plans of Saintfield main street and we plotted routes from school to our town centre

The PSNI updated us on Road Safety.
We all made vegetable soup with our harvested vegetables.

Our prize winners from June!




Leaving in style

Congratulations to our Netball Team 2018 and thanks to the parents who helped on the day.


Awards Ceremony

Our Wonderful Summer Show Aladdin. An extravaganza.

Garden Show Ireland

Wonderful progress with our garden this week, planning, planting this week and presenting next week. Have a look.

Big news in Primary 4 and 5. We are preparing our Garden Show Entry for 5 May. Our Garden is amazing. Photos to follow.

Foundation to Primary 7- We are entering our Trocaire Lent fundraising activities for Trocaire's special Romero award. Rosie from Trocaire will visit on Monday 23 to be presented with our huge cheque. We know all about the Global Goals so we will impress her.

We are studying equivalent fractions and fractions of amounts.

We are preparing for Garden Show Ireland this week. Our theme is Nursery Rhymes. We will each have a plant in the garden that we create. We are planning with John. We planned together after we had planted our potatoes. Our potatoes were winners last year.

Our Easter Assembly was really well attended. Reenacting the Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemane and The Resurrection helped us to understand the real meaning of Easter

On Easter Sunday we presented a cheque to Father McHugh  during Mass. We are so proud of our fundraising events for Trocaire. Our money will be used to build a new school for Kumba and her community in Sierra Leone. Last year a devastating landscape landslide destroyed her village in 4 minutes. Our money  will be used for food, books and uniforms so that Kumba's community can rebuild their lives.​​​​​​​

We are almost finished our Trocaire events for 2018. We are preparing for our Easter assembly and working at Easter baskets.

We are working on character studies in Literacy. We can use rich , exciting adjectives and we can evaluate our own work. 

Spring is here at last. We worked with John to spread the wood chips. When we tried to do a pond dip for the Northern Ireland  Museums survey on Tue 20 March, there was a huge problem. We had to crack every piece of ice from the frozen pond but we really enjoyed doing that. We will continue with the pond survey when the temperature is warmer. We are hoping to find adult frogs in a couple of months.

Working hard with John the Gardener to make our school fantastic!

PSNI visited our school this week.We tried out all their equipment and we learned how to keep safe.

Ceilidh preparations aside we are learning about tessellation using  2D shapes. 

Rehearsals for the best Ceilidh ever

Wer wish these amazing ladies the very best of luck in their drama competition in Paris. Bonne Chance.

We are organising fund raising events for Trocaire. How would you like to balance 20p on a lemon for 10 seconds. Our events are amazing and range from Talent Shows to What's in the box; really scary marmalade and cat food, that's what.

We are studying Saint Patrick and preparing for our Ceili on Thursday 15 March

We are so proud of our artistic ability. Ms Peake loves our work too. Mothers Day will be a treat for our mums.

Mothers Day Gifts. We are so proud of our creativity.This event,  a Pokemon ecchange will be an excellent fundraiser.We have been working on 2d shape properties and lines of symmetry. These are our tangrams. We are increasing our financial awareness and fundraising for Trocaire during Lent. This event was very popular. What is really in the bag? . We are working with partners on fundraising events for Trocaire. We are learning about Sierra Leone. Kumba and her sister Fatu live in this African country. Their school has been destroyed by a mud slide and we are raising funds for them to have a new school. We are bringing Kumba's school to life in our classroom. This is part of our global learning. We are learning about Global Goals. We aim to end poverty by 2030. We are planning our Trocaire fundraising events. They include Harry Potter quizzes, a back to front day and a Toy SaleWe are working on subtraction using decomposition. We are brilliant at breaking in ans exchanging now.Our planning for Trocaire fundraising is nealrl completed.This fundraising idea is based on exchanging Pokemon cards. We work really well in partnership.

Primary 4 and 5 are learning all the properties of 2D shapes.

We know how to measure capacity using l and ml.

Measuring time in the foundation class. Measuring length in the P3 class. Measuring weight in the foundation class.

Christmas dinner 12th December 2017

Christmas Nativity Play 13th December 2017

Primary 4 and Primary 5 presented information on Polar Regions. On Wednesday we had first hand experience of polar conditions during our snow day.