St Mary's Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the teachers and the school family!


Miss Downey and Mrs Hawkins are the Senior Class Teachers. 

Miss Downey teachers the P7 children and Mrs Hawkins teaches P6. 

Please go to the class pages to see the different  activities the children have been investigating and exploring most recently.


Mrs Reid teaches the other classes. 

Please go to the class pages to see the fun things we have been learning about most recently.






Please go to the class pages to find out all about the amazing things the infant class has been exploring.







School Secretary - Mrs McGreevy

Mrs McGreevy is very friendly and is always at the other end of the telephone to help with your enquires






Ms Peake and Mrs Cooper are learning assistants.  They are always ready to help us with our learning.  They also help us to play great games in the playground. Mrs Archer helps us with our games and she is always there when we need help at lunchtime.




  Safeguarding. Our Safeguarding governor is Mr Dave Rogers. He supports and helps Mrs Reid and Mrs Hawkins

 in helping everyone to keep safe..